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Looking for the deprecated V1 docs? They are still available here.

Access to the Vestaboard Platform is performed by providing an API key and secret, collectively known as an API Credential, in the headers of an HTTP request.

To create a new API key and secret, navigate to the API tab on

Then, click on "Create new Installable" and give your installable a name.

Once your installable is created, you will need to create API credentials to use it. Click on "Create an API Credential" to generate one.

Select the board that you would like the API credential to target.

Copy the API secret and key, we will never display the secret again, so if you lose it, you will need to generate a new one.

For any request, you can now pass your API key in the X-Vestaboard-Api-Key header and your secret in the X-Vestaboard-Api-Secret header.