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Rebooting the Vestaboard Developer Community

· 2 min read
Tyson Cadenhead

I came on full-time at Vestaboard about a year ago and started the process of discovering what we already had as well as taking part in building a vision for what the future of Vestaboard engineering will look like. Over the past year, we've built up our internal engineering team and focused heavily on new feature development as well as handling ongoing bug fixes and tech debt.

Our mantra has been to simplify the Vestaboard platform and to make it more scalable and resilient.

The truth is, our flagship product is very simple: we have a beautiful board that displays messages when you send them.

In the process of revamping our documentation, and in rebooting the Vestaboard Developer Community, we hope to bring back the fun and simplicity that makes Vestaboard so appealing as a software engineer in the first place.

You may notice that the new Subscriptions API is simpler than the old version. This is in part to stop exposing internal data structures that get in the way of quickly working with our APIs. It is also to dial things back and start to understand what endpoints provide value to you, the developer, so we can harden them and make them work better for everyone going forward.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding more content here. We will be creating quick-start guides to simplify the process of sending messages. We will provide solutions we've used and solutions we've seen in the wild that make building integrations and tasks that send messages easier.

If you haven't already, please join our Slack community to stay up to date on everything and we would absolutely love any feedback on how we can make the developer experience better.